‘Poldark’ episode 4 preview (PBS): What is next for Ross and Demelza?

Sunday night’s episode of “Poldark” on PBS was another exciting episode, but probably also one with more elements of a love story than any before it. We hope that you enjoyed this story, and we also hope that you enjoy what lies ahead. After all, the story of Ross and Demelza is really just getting started at the moment.

There are many things that you will be surprised about next week, but one of the biggest ones is just once again what sort of situations Demelza is going to be thrown into. She is still getting use to not just what is a reasonably new relationship for her, but also a new class and new people she is not used to being around. Seeing how she adapts is part of the show’s fun … at for the time being.

As for some of the other characters on the series, be prepared for Elizabeth to have an interesting reaction to Demelza being around, and also for some more antics from Francis that could cause some problems for Ross and some of the other characters. Time will tell when it comes to just how this ends up manifesting itself over time.

The last slice of scoop we will present for now is that the battle for Ross to control his mining operation is about to get much more difficult. As a matter of fact, his power struggle when it comes to this may be one of the recurring themes of the rest of the season.

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