‘Poldark’ episode 3 preview (PBS): Big moves for Ross, Demelza, and more

Are you ready to see more “Poldark” on TV? We hope so, since you are not going to be waiting too much more! There is yet another new episode (or at least a new one for Americans) airing on PBS Sunday night, and we’re back to give you four more teases on what to expect. This is an episode that is decidedly romantic as a whole, but there is also no shortage of politics and heroism. Basically, it’s everything you could want in a single episode rolled into one.

1. As we stated in the very title for this article, this will be a hugely important episode for the characters of Ross and Demelza. As a matter of fact, we would be willing to wager that this is one of the most critical installments that we’ve seen for them yet. (Granted, there’s only been three, so that is not that great of a proclamation.)

2. Throughout the episode, the differences between Ross and Francis as characters are going to become all the clearer.

3. Ross is going to try to be a hero for a young man who is clearly in need of help, but at a certain point you may start to wonder whether or not Ross is actually trying too hard to help people. At a certain point, doesn’t the guy need to take a minute to catch his breath?

4. If you watched the original series from the 1970s, you will notice one pretty cool cameo in the episode. We’ll tell you to be on the watch for it, but that is more or less all we are going to say about it out of fear of ruining the fun.

What do you want to see on the next “Poldark” episode? Share some of your thoughts and hopes with a comment.

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