‘Penny Dreadful’ season 2 finale spoilers: Series boss lays out general story ahead

The second season of “Penny Dreadful” is coming to a close on Sunday night, and it certainly feels a little already like there are some crazy, dramatic times ahead. While the past couple of episodes have been great in bringing together many characters and themes of the season, everything could spike even further in this final episode. However, as much as everyone has started to come together, it is also possible that we could see in the aftermath of Vanessa’s plan and the grand team-up that all could completely fall apart.

John Logan is the creative force behind all of the episodes, even more so than most other showrunners out there. He penned every season 2 installment himself, and speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the finale in a general sense, he stated the following:

“I’m exceptionally proud of the season finale, because I do think it delivers something very surprising … A lot of characters and a lot of plot strands are in function in season 2, and in the finale, they all come together — sort of come crashing together — and in a way, the family that we built so carefully over two seasons is really challenged and begins to fracture in what I think are interesting ways.”

Will there be some sort of grand cliffhanger for the third season? We would imagine that there will at least be something, if for no other reason than that Showtime is typically very good at conjuring up future plans in advice. We imagine that the idea here would be to set up some of our characters, whether it be Ethan, Dorian or anyone else, in a way that makes their story interesting from the get-go in season 3 … provided they survive.

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