‘Graceland’ season 3 spoilers: New episodes about how far you will go

Tonight, USA is bringing back “Graceland” for its third season, and we can tell you right away that there is going to be quite a bit of gritty drama this time around. This is a show about how people, known for living under one roof, are willing to go as far as they can for the sake of justice. However, when does justice stop being that, and become something far more dangerous and ambiguous? This is a question that you have probably asked yourself before when it comes to this show, and we have a feeling that you are going to be asking yourself again by the time that we make it to the finale.

This sentiment is echoed in a statement by the show’s own creator Jeff Eastin, who commented on what interests him the most about the story right now to TVLine:

“That idea, that you could become sort of judge, jury and executioner on your own that really did compel me … This year especially, we kind of get into that. If you asked me what the theme of this season would be, I would probably say: How far would you go? It becomes pretty edgy and, hopefully, provocative.”

What we’re interested to see throughout the episodes ahead is the fate of Mike after what happened to him in the finale, Briggs going into deep cover, and also specifically what Paige is going to do after she spilled the beans on Mike’s whereabouts. Hopefully, you are not going to be waiting for too long for answers on any of these plot points.

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