‘Sister Wives’ stars Robyn, Kody Brown expecting another child

Sister Wives -Mrs. Carter: The “Sister Wives” family is expecting yet again!

Today, it was confirmed that Robyn Brown, the fourth “sister wife” of series star Kody Brown (the two are not legally married, but they consider themselves such), is currently expecting another child. She entered her relationship with Kody with three children, and this will be altogether the 18th child to join this massive family. Certainly we imagine that so long as the TLC series continues, this will be a part of the story. Pregnancy plotlines always do tend to draw a great deal of attention.

In a statement per People Magazine, the family passed along this extremely brief statement:

“We are so happy to announce an eagerly expected new member of the Brown family!”

When “Sister Wives” first premiered many years ago, it generated a wide array of controversy and discussion for its depiction of a polygamist family. However, over time some of the attention around the show has started to dissipate a little bit as some have moved on to focus in their attention on other sources.

Still, this show is a solid entry into the TLC lineup, and the Brown family have exposed many Americans to a way of life that is not exactly generating much in the way of headlines elsewhere at the moment. The last episode aired in March, when it was revealed that actual wife Meri was going to divorce Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn, and therefore adopt her aforementioned three children.

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