‘Major Crimes’ season 4, episode 2 review: Rusty dives into ‘Alice Herrera’ mystery

Major Crimes -For tonight’s episode of “Major Crimes,” we ultimately had a case of two stories, with both of them proving to be very strong in their own right. Yet, at the same time, they were also very different.

The procedural element of the case revolved around the murder of a doctor who had some controversial business practices involving younger women, and there was definitely some great stuff that came out of watching these scenes play out. The investigation had layers, and finding out about the killer’s own tie to the case ended up being a very strong reveal. While the case-of-the-week format rarely produces any significant surprises, we are typically okay following along when it is at least one with elements of something that we haven’t seen before in some time.

Still, we admit that we are mostly still compelled by watching the story of Rusty, who is showing more and more investigative skills as time goes by. His desperation to uncover the truth about “Alice Herrera” led to an interview with the man charged of the crime in Slider, who claims that he is completely innocent and wants the world to know his story. In return, he’ll tell him all he knows about Alice.

In the end, what we learned from this story is simple enough: Alice has a sister! We’re going to have to see where this goes, but this is at least a clue that can be used to push forward this Alice narrative, and also give us a chance to see a whole lot more of this story moving forward. Given how much we are coming to be drawn in by this narrative, we certainly do not mind this.

While it may have had a few slower moments, we’re still willing to say that this episode is a step up from the premiere, at least for us. Episode Grade: B+.

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