‘MasterChef’ season 6, episode 5 review: Let’s not get corny about this

MasterChef -Sometimes there’s not a whole lot say when it comes to “MasterChef” episodes, mostly because it feels sometimes like there is a paint-by-numbers kit that the producers just plug in with different people every season. We have similar archetypes, similar challenges, and similar feedback even from the judges.

Take, for example, a Mystery Box involving cooking live shellfish. We’ve seen something similar with it in the past, and since we hate the idea of watching live animals get killed on TV, we’re not going to spend much time talking about other than saying that Jesse won. We’d rather talk about his interesting strategy to force who he thought were the weaker contestants into the harder part of the corn-centric Elimination Challenge, thinking that there was no point in making enemies with a good cook who would end up making it through despite a disadvantage.

We like this idea very much strategically, since it just makes a whole lot of sense to not get people angry and gunning after you later. The hilarious part of it was how Stephen still tried to threaten him for the better half of the corn challenge, even though he was giving it to him anyway! Stephen is tremendous television, which is why the idea of him winning this challenge with Shelly to us is all sorts of amazing, since it means that he’ll be Team Captain next week.

As for the weaker players, we felt nervous given that Charlie and Veronica are two of our favorites (they seem so much like humble, ordinary people), and yet they were both within a few mistakes of leaving. Justin departed instead, and we do feel like he just didn’t have the experience yet as the youngest person this season. He’ll probably get there given that the passion seems to be there, but he just needs a few more years. Episode Grade: B+.

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