‘Royal Pains’ season 7, episode 2 review: The problems for Divya just keep coming

Royal Pains -For a woman who is as successful and put-together as Divya is on “Royal Pains,” she seems to constantly have drama surrounding her. We saw some of that yet again on Tuesday night’s new episode, when it was made very clear that the custody battle between her and Rafa over her daughter is not going to be ending anytime soon.

At first, it seemed like she was going to be spared from further humiliation, as Dr. Sacani bravely was the knight in shining armor, saving her at prison by pointing out that there are many key measures that could have been taken to corroborate Divya’s story as to why her child was left temporarily unattended. However, from here a video surfaced online that proved to be all sorts of trouble. In this video, it was made clear that the police put her in handcuffs, but that was not enough to actually show what she was doing to help someone in need.

Ultimately, we’re not sure that Divya or anyone can get her out of the courtroom drama that lies before her now.

Elsewhere, at least there was a little bit of fun! We learned that Evan once sold his seed in order to buy a sandwich at a really good restaurant, but at the same time also uncovered that his seed was not exactly particularly effective (which it was why it was never used at the clinic). That puts a slight damper on his and Paige’s baby hopes, as she is also worried about the miscarriage that she suffered very early on. We still feel like there is potential good news for these two coming eventually; even if they don’t have a child, this show is good at making sure everyone has ways to be happy.

Finally, Hank is back out there dating … ironically the same woman he dated last week … after he entered the world of the internet looking for love. He also helped an aspiring triathlete in what was one of his more standard medical cases.

Sure, the show did not invent any new dynamics this week, but it was a thoroughly entertaining episode where we at least learned a few new things about our characters. Isn’t evolution good? Grade: B+.

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