‘Falling Skies’ season 5 spoilers: Noah Wyle looks back (and head) in new video

The fifth season of “Falling Skies” will be on TNT at the end of the month, and that means a variety of exciting things. For Noah Wyle, this is ultimately a really great opportunity for him to see the story of Tom reach a conclusion, and for him and the cast to celebrate what has been a heck of a run the past several years. It’s hard for a science fiction show to get a full five seasons to tell a story. There are so many different obstacles that stand in the way, and sometimes that includes special effects or suffering under the weight of your own mythology. Even though this show has changed showrunners multiple times, it has persevered and given us a pretty gritty, fascinating story.

In the video below, Wyle reflects on what this journey has been like for him, and also how much he admires Tom for his whole never-say-die attitude. This is a guy who has been unfortunately dealt a rather impossible hand the majority of the time, and yet he somehow still finds a way to persevere. If that does not take courage, we do now know what does.

Tom’s first order of business during the fifth season is going to be figuring out a way to get back to earth; from there, the priority will of course be trying to actually solve the invasion that has destroyed almost all of earth. Clearly, pretty heavy stakes we’re talking about here, right?

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