‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Meet Sharon Irving, Duo Vladimir, Michael John, and a golden buzzer

America's Got Talent -Were you ready to see “America’s Got Talent” deliver some show-stopping auditions tonight? It probably took a while before you really got those on the show, but for the most part we did have a pretty fun two hours. Most of the acts were at least good, and the ones that weren’t were at least delightfully silly.

Below, take a look at some of the people who hit the stage, and of course, there was a Golden Buzzer at the end of the night. It makes for a great TV moment, but at the same time it’s really predictable when this happens at the end of every installment.

DJ Smart – The only real flaw in this performance is that we had Freckled Sky on the show last week. It was a pretty cool, innovative performance that was marred only by that we saw something that was really very cool in its own right last week.

Paul Zerdin – We’re not going to say that Paul is the second coming of Terry Fator, but we do feel like ventriloquists are very underrated in that there’s a lot of funny stuff that they can do. We’d say that this is a solid, charming audition, but he still needs to raise the game to have a better shot at going far.

Tao Porchon-Lynch & Vard – This act reminds us a lot of Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer act on “Britain’s Got Talent” last year, which was an older female dancer and a younger male partner. It is definitely impressive (especially when you consider her age), but at the same time, is there anything else that is here that we haven’t seen already?

Alondra Santos – A very talented young singer, and someone who could get more than a few votes once we get to the point where the audience actually starts to vote a little bit. Still, we admit that singers just aren’t our favorite part of the competition at this point.

Scott Heierman – It’s a drag comedian! Howard Stern said in one of the videos before the season that drag acts can be really great when done properly, but often people think that dressing up in the right outfit is enough. This was a legitimately funny acts, and we think that there is the potential for there to be something much greater here than what we saw tonight.

Michael John – A former baseball player turned magician with abs. The guy needs to get a little more confidence and charisma on stage, mostly because he is a legitimately good magician with innovative tricks. We’ve seen similar ones before, but not done in the way of having something etched on his chest.

Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra – Given their age range, very solid. We’ve definitely heard more impressive orchestras, but you have to look at certain things on a curve and for the sake of producing the best live show imaginable. This group was very good at bringing some talent and youthful energy to the mix.

Leroy Patterson – The guy is completely nuts, but we love having one of these lunatic guys in the live shows who will do anything and everything to themselves, really to the point where you don’t have any clue what they are going to do. They make the show, at least in our eyes, all the better.

Duo Vladimir – An impressive duo act who can do some strength stunts, but also a few other scary things to go along with it. One of the cooler, more traditional circus acts of the night. We hope that they get a little bit of love.

Sharon Irving – It was a very amazing vocal performance, and it really blew by! We don’t fault Mel B for giving her a golden buzzer at all, and while we think that she would probably be better suited career-wise on “The Voice” where she would have more opportunities, she is probably instantly a favorite after this.

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