‘True Detective’ season 2 promo reminds us traffic can be terrifying (video)

HBO logoThen again, doesn’t traffic always make us a little bit terrified? If you live in California, it really should … and that just so happens to be where “True Detective” is set.

The latest promo for the HBO series (premiering June 21) is all sorts of moody and atmospheric, but did you really expect it to be anything else? This is a show that has thrived of being existential, strange, and constantly keeping us on our toes. You see in here Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, and Vince Vaughn in tiny slices, but at the same time, you really do not see enough of any of them to actually understand more of what they are up to. They are instead somewhat floating around in an ether of ambiguity. We can assume that Vaughn’s Ray Volcoro is the evil one given his status as a career criminal, but can we really confirm that? Not necessarily. The post of this video is that it continues to keep us guessing.

The second season of this show is certainly self-aware about what people expect from it. Namely, the belief here is that it has to be a step above the first season for viewers, some of whom are entering it rather cynically, to take it seriously. Our major concern is that it tries to merely be stranger, and sometimes strange does not equal compelling. It also could become so abstract that no one fully understands its meaning.

Maybe we just write this because we still don’t know entirely what the deal was with the Yellow King, other than what it represented and the haunting its placed on Russ Cohle’s mind.

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