Megyn Kelly’s interview with Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar nets big ratings for Fox News

Fox News -Just in case you were wondering why Megyn Kelly of Fox News chose to sit down for an interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at a time when we are starting to enter campaign season, the answer is simple: It is a tremendous ratings draw. The edition of “The Kelly File” drew 3.09 million viewers, which is up more than 45% from the show’s average viewer total. According to Variety, this number is only 110,000 viewers away from the show’s record rating, which came after the Malaysian Airlines crash in 2013.

During this interview Kelly pressed the Duggars about their handling of their son Josh’s molestation history dating back to when he was a teenager, and why they did not immediately contact authorities when information regarding the incidents was starting to come in. The two also explained that the reason they were not afraid of launching a show like “19 Kids and Counting” after the series of incidents was because the entire investigation was taken care of well before the start of the show.

For the time being, TLC has still not decided what they are going to do with “19 Kids and Counting,” but we’re still feeling more than ever like cancellation is imminent. We’re not sure that the Duggars did themselves any favor during the interview; they probably have many of the same fans who supported them going into this, but at the same time they have probably not won over anyone who went into that interview feeling negative about them.

Given that TLC wants to probably move on from all this sooner rather than later, we imagine that a decision will come in the near future.

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