Fall TV Preview: Will ABC’s ‘The Muppets’ bring the funny?

Muppets -The Muppets” have been revived and rebooted in various ways more times than we can count, but we’ve always found them the most funny when they’ve been geared more towards adults than children. We’re thinkin along the lines here of the classic “Muppet Show” or “The Muppet Movie.” These are characters who can and should appeal to children, but they have a certain edge to them that adults relate to, while still feeling young at heart at the same time.

Based on everything that we’re seeing right now, we do feel optimistic in saying that this is potentially one of the best Muppet products to come out in some time.

What works – The premise for one is great: A documentary-style show focusing on the Muppets preparing to put on a show, while dealing with complicated personal lives almost spontaneously. Also, you have a great team fronted by Bill Prady of “The Big Bang Theory” behind the scenes; Prady has worked with the Muppets off and on for years, and he has a tremendous love for them. There are several laughs in the trailer, not to mention some sharp references to things such as the 405 and where bears go to use the restroom.

What doesn’t – It may sound cheesy, but the only thing we’re not really fond of right now is the name, mostly because there are so many other Muppet properties already named “The Muppets,” and we would prefer to see it differentiated somewhat. Also, of course we want to see more celebrity cameos and physical comedy for the characters … but you’re not going to get all of that in a tiny trailer. There’s just no time!

Our verdict – All signs point to this being one of the best new shows of the fall season. Unless you hate Kermit the Frog, why in the world would you not want to watch?

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