‘Penny Dreadful’ season 2, episode 6 review: Victor Frankenstein gets jealous, Dorian Grey throws a party

Penny DreadfulThe witches are getting ever closer to making their move on Vanessa on “Penny Dreadful” and with us being past the halfway mark this season we expect to see a harder push towards this endgame in the upcoming episodes. Also, now that Victory and Lily have slept together, they are forever bonded…. or are they? Victor is going to have a bit of a wake up call tonight when he learns what jealously feels like.

Malcolm: After sleeping with him, Evelyn clips some of his hair for a voodoo doll of Malcolm and sends him home to learn the news that his wife took her own life. Vanessa and Ethan are unsettled by the fact that he doesn’t seem to care at all about any of it and is still in a great mood – Evelyn’s control over him is obvious.

Dorian: His relationship with Angelique is growing deeper and while Dorian is pushing for their relationship to become more public, Angelique is scared. He wants to throw her a big ball as a “proper coming out” party and with the show being as dark as it is, we are excited to see something so grand. We have been waiting all season for Dorian to become part of the main group again and finally it happened tonight when he invited Vanessa, Victor and Malcolm to the party for Angelique. Malcolm of course invites Evelyn, but when Vanessa asks Ethan he declines.

Ethan: He gets a visit from the sole survivor from the slaughter at the Inn and it’s the man that was hunting him for his father. He wants him to come home with him or he will kill everyone in the house starting with Vanessa. After declining to go to the ball he has Sembene chain him to the wall and watch him as he becomes a werewolf. We are curious what Sembene is going to do with this information, but clearly he and Ethan have a pretty good relationship if he’s going to trust him with this secret.

The Ball: Seeing Dorian and Angelique’s first dance at the ball was exciting and it was nice to see them out in public among friends. Victor had another first tonight as he brought Lily to the ball on his arm and although she doesn’t remember being in Dorian’s house before entirely, when she sees Dorian there’s something more familiar to her. When Dorian dances with Lily, Victor becomes worried as well as insanely jealous since Dorian is paying special attention to her, but Dorian doesn’t reveal to her that they’ve met before. We were happy to see Ferdinand try to get Vanessa out of the ball and home safely since there’s a part of us that feels he’s a good man under all this blackmail, but before he has a chance the witches start playing with Vanessa’s head, making her see blood raining from the ceiling right before she faints.

It was great to see a little joy on this show with Dorian’s grand ball, but at the same time, with Vanessa being hunted down and Malcolm acting so weird after the suicide of his wife, we were a little surprised that they accepted the invitation. That being said we loved watching all of the moving parts and intriguing conversations of the ball. Episode grade: B+

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