‘Big Brother Canada 3’ interview: Zach Oleynik on eviction, Jordan’s exit, Godfrey’s game

Zach -There were times on “Big Brother Canada 3” where we started to feel like Zach Oleynik had a really good shot at taking home the grand prize. He did play very hard, he competed in challenges, and he always had a good alliance around him.

In the end, Zach fell victim mostly to a few game mistakes on his end and was on the receiving end of bad luck courtesy of some twists. Kevin went home in a triple eviction, Bruno was sent packing because of Brittnee’s power, and even Jordan was damaged courtesy of Sindy being brought back into the game. He did some things wrong and had a perception of being the ‘popular kid’ in the house, but he did also do a few things right.

We got a chance to chat briefly with Zach earlier today in a conference call. Remember here that we are only allowed to ask three questions, and they could not pertain to any outside information that would taint the integrity of the game.

CarterMatt – Are you glad that you fought so hard to stay alive, and did you think at any point in the week that you had a chance of staying?

I just came into the game feeling like I was going to fight every day until the day I left. Even when I didn’t win that Power of Veto, I wanted to throw a couple of Hail Marys out there and see if I could pull something out of my hat. I don’t like seeing people when I watch the show give up and play dead. If I could have pulled something out … And you never know what is going to happen in the house. I’m happy that I fought hard to stay.

Did I think I had a chance of [escaping eviction]? Not really. When PoV was done, I pretty much knew my fate was sealed in the game.

How did you adjust your game after Jordan’s departure?

After Jordan left, I had to really lean on and grab other people I was close to in the game, and that was Kevin, Pili, and Ashleigh. At that point, I needed to refocus, stretch my loyalty to a group, and really try to [cling] to that group rather than spreading [alliances] rampant through the house with everybody. At that point in the game without Jordan, I really didn’t know at that point what anyone in the house was doing. The lines in the house were different, and I just needed to [stay close to] my group. The best thing that happened was Pili winning that HoH, and letting me have a chance to let it all soak in, and then move forward in the game. It definitely changed my game; it was a tough and hard moment for me.

What is your assessment of Godfrey after spending so much time with him?

Do you know what? I still don’t know, because Godfrey … I can’t even describe his gameplay. It’s one of the most unique things I’ve ever seen, because he idolizes players like Victoria from the US and made an obvious point of saying that he likes players who do nothing and then get to the end. He’s done it! He’s never lined up with anybody, and he’s been a lone wolf. He’s never become a target because of that, which you got to give him credit for.

But at the same time, it drove me nuts because I’m a big game-player and I like alliances and setting things up and trying to make moves. He never really talked game to anyone for the whole [season]. He was just hanging out, being like ‘la la la la’ (note: we wish there was a way to express Zach’s sing-song voice here) and he’s probably going to be in the final three now.

I don’t like his gameplay, but I’m going to give him credit because he is where he is because of what he did, and that is what ‘Big Brother’ is all about. He’s playing a different game.

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