‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’: Jeff Probst, CBS will not reveal vote percentages

Cambodia -Just in case you were wondering how close the vote was for certain people getting on “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance,” you’re going to have to keep wondering forever. After the results came out last night, Jeff Probst has now made it clear that he personally has zero intention of ever revealing just how close certain votes were.

What is his reasoning behind this? It is really as simple as keeping things fair, and also not hurting the feelings of those who did not get on more than they already feel hurt at the moment. Just take a look at what Probst had to say on the subject in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“I’m very pleased and pleasantly surprised by a few of their choices.  From a balance point of view, we had a much higher percentage of recent seasons, so you have to expect more of them to make it—but I was very happy to see three people fromBorneo and Australia, our first two seasons, make it in. Super cool.  And no, we won’t ever reveal the total number of votes for each player, or the position of any player, or how close someone might have been to getting in. There is no point, and it would only hurt more feelings or crush someone to find out they were only a few votes shy of making it.”

The only person we were genuinely shocked by was Shane Powers, given that the majority of the internet had him as a lock to return. Even Shane himself felt sure going into the “Survivor: Worlds Apart” reunion last night that he was in. Obviously, he was upset and disappointed after the fact, as the Twitter exchange between him and Jeff Probst ultimately proves. After tweeting this to Jeff (see below), he did later go on and deny any talk of a conspiracy keeping him out.

Shane is probably the only person we’re confused about when it comes to the votes. Our guess is that he probably placed 12th, and the eligible contestants in the top 11 all made it. (Since Mike on last night, he is not eligible to return anymore.)

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