‘The Flash’ season 1 finale review: Eddie Thawne’s fate, Eobard’s battle, and a Killer Frost tease!

The FlashAll season long on “The Flash,” we have waited to learn whether or not Barry Allen really was “fast enough” in order to go back and time, and ultimately save the life of his mother. Did he succeed? This is not ultimately something that can be answered simply. It is complicated, and there are a variety of different wrinkles that go along with it.

Barry constructed a way to go back in time using the speed force in order to finally save his mother from the Reverse Flash, and make his dream come true of saving her. Unfortunately, he soon realized that this may not be possible in the way that he thought. Barry has experienced heartbreak all over again, but at least this time his mother had a chance to actually say goodbye to him and know the man he became at some point down the road.

This was not the only potential goodbye of the finale, as Eddie Thawne decided that he wanted to carve out his own heroic future, but it was one that ended seemingly with a bullet in his heart. For some reason, we still have a hard time believing it, which may tie into the fact that the character has such a specific identity in the comic series.

At least Eddie did not die in vain, right? He had a chance to take away the Reverse Flash from existing, and presumably he did just that. This moment means that the entire future for this character going into season 2 is unclear.

As for some other highlights, how about that Killer Frost tease? Caitlin’s wedding was a part of the episode, but admittedly we’re still hung up on the other major glimpse of the episode. Also, don’t forget about Cisco learning a thing or two about his destiny, as well, and the impact the particle accelerator left on him.

While we have an enormous cliffhanger here courtesy of the literal black hole, we at least ended season 1 with a crazy-satisfying finale, and this has us so much more excited for what the future could hold on the series. Congratulations all around. Grade: A.

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