‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 7 review: Frank feels ambushed, Erin in the middle

On this episode of “Blue Bloods”, we will be seeing a lot of Frank, which immediately makes us happy since his storylines are always our favorites. Tom Selleck really kills it in this role and we love that as conservative as he is, he always finds a way to look at every side of a situation before figuring out where he falls into it. Tonight, we are going to see Frank in a very uncomfortable situation in a very public venue, so we are interested to see how he handles it.

When Frank goes on to a news talk show to help further promote the good work that the police force has done, he feels a bit ambushed by the newly appointed D.A., Robert McCoy. As the host is pointing out how the crime rate has dropped under Frank’s watch, McCoy is saying that there is more that could be done and there are resources being wasted. Robert wants to push for petty drug possessions to not be prosecuted saying that even if Frank’s team makes the arrest, he will not be prosecuting them. After the interview, Frank is more then a little upset at being set up on television, but everyone insists that they had no way of knowing that Robert was going to reveal these new policies and push back at the police.

After watching the televised debate between Frank and Robert, Erin realizes that she’s going to be stuck in the middle of her dad and her boss. She goes to Robert first, saying that the way he approached this situation was handled all wrong and that her father should’ve had a heads up as well as the other people in her office since it affects everyone in there.

When Erin talks to her dad about the situation, she tells him that she feels it was handled badly, but is still defending Robert to some degree and Frank realizes that Erin and Robert are involved (or at least they were at one point and are not now). Later Robert realizes that he’s stepped over the line and he apologizes to Frank and the police department (at a press conference), saying that he is new at this job and was out of line. Frank sets up a meeting to talk privately with Robert and even though we didn’t see the talk it seemed to have given them a better understand of each other.

Outside of the Frank story (which we really loved), there was a nice moment between Jamie and Eddie that gives us hope for a romantic connection to blossom as he helped her move on from some guy who didn’t appreciate who she was. Episode grade: B

What did you think of this episode of “Blue Bloods” and are you excited about where this season is going? Leave us a comment below.

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