‘Game of Thrones’ season 5, episode 6 review: Cersei’s move; Ramsay, Sansa, and Reek’s awful wedding night

Olenna -For most of the run of “Game of Thrones” on HBO, there is one thing that we have considered to be a constant: The members of House Tyrell are the smartest people in the room. Lady Olenna was a driving force behind the death of Joffrey, and in having Margaery marry Tommen, the house had more influence than ever before.

However, Cersei Lannister managed to finally get a leg up on her, and it was all due mostly to one simple thing: The High Sparrow. Not only did Cersei managed to use a “simple hearing” to ensure that Loras was taken away, but she used Margaery’s own lies about his sexuality in order to have her captured despite her protests and pleas to Tommen. Obviously, there is some huge trouble ahead in King’s Landing, even if we still have an indication of what is to come.

Wedding bells – Yet again this was also a huge episode for Sansa, as the wedding finally occurred between her and Ramsay Bolton. For the second straight time this season, it was a wedding without any issues. As for the wedding night, let’s just say it was far worse given how terrible a person Ramsay is. She praised Tyrion, who we know is going through his own problems.

This night led to the night’s most horrific scene, watching as Ramsay took Sansa’s virginity (even if not too much was shown, it was still very graphic) while Reek a.k.a. Theon was forced to watch on. Just the look on his face was enough to know that there is still some of the old, innocent Theon still in him, and it pained him to see this greatly.

Elsewhere – Ser Jorah and Theon were captured, but seem to have used the re-opening of the battle puts as a way to ensure that they can get to Meereen. There was no Dany this week, but this move hopefully brings Tyrion closer to finally meeting the Mother of Dragons.

Meanwhile, in Dorne we saw Jaime and Bronn ultimately captured after the Sand Snakes came in and attempted to kill them. This still feels like somewhat of a letdown given the hype for Dorne in the books. At least Ayra is still up to some awesome stuff in Braavos, and we are enjoying the pace of that story very much.

This was an excellent episode as a whole, even if we did hate to see what happened to Sansa and we feel for Margaery very much. If nothing else, this episode did prove that there are moves being made in a season that has felt a little light at times when it comes to significant story developments. Grade: B+.

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