‘Beyond the Tank’ review: Chord Buddy, Bantam Bagels, and Mix Bikini in ‘finale’

The reason that we call this “Beyond the Tank” episode the “finale” is a simple matter of that there are only three episodes, and this is the last one. This show is flawed and at times a little slow, but the ratings are so good that you better believe it’ll be back. Also great here? We don’t really see the show oversaturating the market for the original, either.

There are three products featured in this article, and we’ve attached what are the links to all of them below along with at least a little bit of analysis, as well. Some go a little better than others.

Chord Buddy – This was surprisingly rough to watch in many ways. So much of the debate between the company and Robert Herjavec was about numbers. It was losing money in sales as it expands, and one of the reasons why is simply a matter of losing money. He really prided himself on making it in America. Maybe a commitment for his new Math Buddy program is going to turn that around.

Mix Bikini – Was this segment contentious? It was a harsh dose of reality more than anything else that this show does not guarantee success. Huge mistakes were made here, including spending the night of the premiere partying rather than focusing on your website. It crashed (as many do during the episode), and there was so much business lost here that it was hard to get anything back going again.

Bantam Bagels – Will they change their name? This was almost the entire story for this company, since Lori Greiner understandably wanted to change the name for retailers who were going to have no clue what a Bantam Bagel was. Yet, they also had a personal attachment to it. What they come up with was a good compromise to go with a different name at retail, even if this did not entirely make for the most entertaining television. Also, we really want bagels now.

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