‘The Bachelorette’ spotlight: Meet Ben Zorn, muscle man and more

Ben -We are going through a whole lot of “Bachelorette” contestants over the course of the next few days, and hopefully, we’re going to have some surprises along the way. Going into every season, we tend to just anticipate seeing the same group of dudes (mostly white, mostly muscular, mostly booze-hounds with an eye for fame) and are pleasantly shocked when someone breaks the mold.

On the surface, Ben Zorn does seem to shatter the mold … at least somewhat. He reminds us a little bit of Cody Sattler in that it could be easy to make a quick impression of him based on his job and his build, but he may have a warm, personal side that could make him likable. Now that we’ve said that, watch him get on the show and be a notorious villain.

Name – Ben Zorn

Age – 26

Location – San Jose, California

Occupation – Fitness coach. Yep, it’s easy to have the immediate impression that he says “bro” a lot, spends at least five hours a day at the gym, and probably only owns a few shirts. Oh, stereotypes! Seriously, it’s hard to know too much about these people with limited information, but he seems to be one of those fitness guys who takes his job seriously.

First Impression – Surprisingly tender. His Instagram page reveals a fairly pensive guy, and someone who has some hard life experience due to his mother passing away. Our first first impression here was “yet another gym guy,” but there is something more there to him.

Worst Impression – The dude dressed up as a red M&M for Halloween one year. Wait, nevermind; we actually kind of love this.

Prediction – We’re curious to get to know more about Ben, so we hope he lasts a little while. Given that this is “The Bachelorette,” we are also assuming that Kaitlyn and Britt will like him because of giant muscles. He’ll at least have a chance.

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