‘The Flash’ episode 22 review: Oliver Queen, Firestorm lend Barry Allen a helping hand

Reverse Flash -Is Harrison Wells the hero or the villain on “The Flash“? He certainly would argue that he is a man acting of necessity more so than pure malice. He has a goal he is trying to achieve, and everything that he does a mere stepping stone along that road.

For him, his plan did not really include using the criminals that were in the STAR Labs prison, so he therefore had no problem at all starting up the particle accelerator once again to start creating some chaos. This began the story of “Rogue Air,” where Barry was so desperate to save terrible people that he worked with Captain Cold and the newly-named Golden Glider on what was a fool’s errand to make sure that the criminals would be transferred over the Lian Yu prison that Oliver Queen is using for Deathstroke and Captain Boomerang. Many of them escaped, or at least the ones that Cold didn’t take down in the process. He now thinks that the likes of Peek-a-Boo and the Weather Wizard now owe him something.

In going back to Dr. Wells, the much-hyped fight featuring Oliver Queen and Firestorm last only a few mere minutes, as the rest of the episode was spent dealing with Eddie and Iris breaking up and also Joe having constant concern for everyone.

But, with a little help from his friends in an epic showdown (Ray Palmer was there in spirit), the Reverse Flash has been contained … or has he? Given that there is still an episode left, we are really not altogether confident just yet. It was interesting that this was a rare episode without a massive cliffhanger of any sort, and we are just led to believe that the heroes have won.

Then again, Harrison would argue that he is a hero in his own right. Grade: B+.

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