‘Ink Master’ season 6: Masters vs Apprentices spotlight: Miami Burgess vs Craig Foster

Ink MasterThis is a very special spotlight in our “Ink Master” season 6: Masters vs Apprentices series because it has a returning artists from season 3: Craig Foster. We were surprised to see him in the contestant pool since the show hasn’t been promoting any returning artists this season, but here we are and he’s back. At first we weren’t sure how we felt about it since we were pretty excited about a season with no returning artists – but then we saw it was Craig and we were over joyed. He is someone that we felt had crazy potential to be the winner in season 3, but just couldn’t get a handle on how to do black and grey properly.

Has Craig gotten better at black and grey and can he take out his mentor? There are a lot of things to consider with these two, so let’s see how they stack up against each other:

The Master: Miami Burgess

Tattooing: 23 years currently working as an artist at Skinwerks Tattoo in Carrollton, GA and feels that he is a well rounded artists and even though he doesn’t specialize in any one thing, he’s good at everything.


The Apprentice: Craig Foster (from season 3 of “Ink Master)

Tattooing: 20 years and currently is an owner at Skinwerks Tattoos in Carrollton, GA. He is an expert in new school tattooing and feels that because Miami didn’t follow a traditional apprenticeship that he won’t have enough structure for this competition.


Miami vs Craig: We haven’t had a chance to see what Miami can do in a high pressure situation like “Ink Master”, but we’ve seen how cool headed Craig has been on this show before and as we’ve said we thought Craig was going to run away with the title that season if he hadn’t gotten tripped up over his black and grey work. Having a cool head and letting the harshness of this competition roll off your back is sometimes more critical then being the best artist since we’ve seen many artists implode under the stress and get eliminated early because of it. These two seem to have roughly the same years behind them as tattoo artists (and both of their portfolio’s are impressive), so they both have a lot of experience and tricks up their sleeves. If Craig has gotten his black and grey on point, he might be able to squeak past Miami and get further in the competition…. maybe even win it this time around.

Do you think Craig or Miami will become the next “Ink Master” and which one of them do you think is going to out last the other in the competition? Leave us a comment below and give us your opinion. If you want more on “Ink Master: Masters vs Apprentices” (including more artist spotlights where a new one will be posted every day) then head over to the link here and know that we will be here all season bringing you reviews, previews, podcasts and interviews with the artists. Also if you want more TV news on everything we cover here at CarterMatt, then be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter. (Photo: Spike TV)

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