‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 3, episode 11 review: Caputo and the underdogs

Joe CaputoThere may only be a few episodes left of “Orange Is The New Black” but things are really starting to heat up. Piper and Stella are flaunting their affair in Alex’s face, Coates has assaulted Doggett, and Suzanne is considering having her first romantic relationship with another woman in the prison. For a season that started off slow with a few bumps in the road, the second half of the season is full of rich storylines.

Boo finds out that Doggett was assaulted by Coates and that she’s trying to cover for him by blaming herself for what happened. The more she talks to Doggett, the more she realizes that it’s going to be difficult to get her to see the situation for what it really is. After Boo pushes the issue, Doggett breaks down about what happened and Boo tells her that together they are going to get back at him for what he did.

Were you surprised to see Caputo and Natalie hooking up? Natalie has her theories about him hating himself so much that he uses her to help deflate some of his own self loathing, but is that what is really going on? And with that we have our very first Caputo backstory episode! It seem that even as a teenager, he wanted to do the right thing and help other people, but even with his best intentions it always left him feeling like he’s taken the wrong road in life as he lost a promising career as a wrestler and gave up a chance to be in a professional band to help the woman he loved.

When an error goes through the computer system matching an inmate with the last name Rice with Angie’s ID number for release, she is ready to jump on the opportunity to leave prison. The prison does eventually figure it out, but they have already dropped her off at the bus station. Caputo goes after Angie, finding her at the bus station and bringing her back to prison.

Now that Alex realizes that she was totally wrong about Lolly’s intentions to kill her, she also feels that she was wrong about Piper and Stella having an affair and apologizes to Piper for thinking the worst. Piper of course doesn’t tell her the truth about her romance with Stella. As for the underwear business, Flaca rallies the girls to unionize against Piper to renegotiate their contract. Piper goes to Red for help and after some negotiation, Red agrees, but after getting together all of the elements and bringing it to Alex, she tells Piper she no longer wants to be involved because this is now organized gang crimes. Piper gives the ladies some of the cash and fires Flaca humiliating her in front of everyone. After bragging about it to Alex, she dumps Piper when she sees this ugly side of her.

This was a great episode for Caputo and really understanding his motivation in life. Will he ever stop trying to help people out? Probably not since he is now the head of the correctional officers union, but it’s what makes us want to root for him. Episode grade: B

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