‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Shane Powers is worthy of your vote

Shane -Shane Powers is to us one of the most fascinating and entertaining “Survivor” players of all time. He’s incredibly honest (even to his detriment in the game), often abrasive, and yet there is a certain tenderness to him when you think about how much the guy loves his son. He has been in the mix to return to this before, but it just hasn’t worked out.

Survivor: Second Chance” seems like the perfect venue for Shane to come back. It’s been long enough since his first season that he may be able to hide behind some other targets for a while, and he could be one of the more entertaining voices in a crowd that could have many tentative players afraid to show that they are playing the game.

Remember here to visit the CBS website, since that is where you can vote for Shane and all of your other favorites.

Past experience – “Survivor: Panama (Exile Island)” (5th place)

Why you should vote for him – You want to be entertained be an incredibly blunt guy who will be most likely going through cigarette withdrawals again out in the game. You really get to know Shane as a person and a character while he is out there, and he is one of those people guaranteed to mix it up. You’ll know where he stands, and he may be a great person to call out other people for their duplicity. Also, the idea of seeing him on a tribe with Kass and/or Abi-Maria sounds like one of the greatest things possible.

Why you wouldn’t vote for him – Shane’s abrasive. Not everyone likes him. He probably couldn’t care less, but this is also a popularity contest and he needs those votes. He is at the top of the wishlist for many longtime fans and has been for years, but will people who have only started watching the show the past four or five years have any clue who he is?

Our prediction – We feel like there’s an 80% chance Shane makes it out there. While he has to compete against many more recent contestants, he is so memorable to longtime fans and such a big character that not having him would be a travesty. We’re obviously voting for him every day; heck, we would vote for him daily even if we could only choose five people.

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