ABC’s ‘Revenge’ series finale review: Who died, and who was married, in ‘Two Graves’?

RevengeDid Emily Thorne have a happy ending to her story? Through most of the “Revenge” series finale “Two Graves,” we were starting to feel like this was going to end badly … very badly. Specifically, a title like this suggests that the worst possible ending is in store.

Well, the truth of the matter here for Emily is that she did almost die, but right after her own father killed Victoria. She shot Emily with her last breath, but she managed to live through it. Unfortunately, David did not live too long after that, as his cancer eventually did him in before the next stage of Emily’s future could begin: A wedding to Jack! She got what she wanted; maybe she did not receive enough penance for the total of her crimes, but this was never the sort of show that seemed out to punish Emily for what happened with her over the years. It’s not “Breaking Bad” or “Sons of Anarchy.” It’s always been somewhat-soapy, and her setting sail with Jack seems to be a perfect way for them to finally have some peace. They’ve probably earned it at this point.

Maybe the show set up some bizarre cliffhanger with the notion of Emily possibly having Victoria’s heart buried within her (written off as a dream), but for the most part she seems to have left the world of revenge in the rear-view mirror. The same cannot be said completely for Nolan, who she has handed the baton to in many ways. For some reason, he is still struggling with the concept of moving on. We’re not entirely sure why, but maybe if he ever found true happiness, he would be able to. Nolan’s life just never seems to be one of stability, and it hasn’t since Emily first arrived to the Hamptons.

As for most other surviving characters, we do want to at least imagine they are happy. Charlotte still did not really get her due, and it would have been nice to see where Louise ended up after all of this. Still, this was a happy finale that included very little to be angry about; it was clearly written as though it would be the end, given it’s hard to imagine another season after watching this.

We wanted to include the original cast photo for this show in this article, mostly because it does paint such a nice full-circle moment for the show. Here is where the story began, and now, we are looking towards the future.

So this is it for “Revenge” … let’s wave it farewell, and wait to see what other stories these cast members have to tell in the future. A satisfying, if not altogether shocking, end to the tale. Grade: B+.

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