‘Game of Thrones’ season 5, episode 5 review: Sansa reunites with Theon

Sansa StarkWe are already at the halfway point of “Game of Thrones” season 5 and has anything of note really happened yet? Maybe our expectations are too high because every other season has consistently wowed us, but this season really needs to pick up the pace. There have been some new characters introduced, which we are happy for since we’ve lost quite a few, but at the same time there just feels like there’s a lot of wandering going on and not enough action taking place.

Daenerys: Now that Ser Barristan is dead and Grey Worm is seriously injured, Daenerys is taking no mercy as she rounds up all of the leaders of the families in the city and brings them to face her dragons, burning some of them alive and letting them feed on their remains as a warning to the other leaders of the consequences. She later agrees to open the fighting pits (to free men only) and she will marry one of the leaders of the city to unite the people.

Jon Snow: With Mance dead and Jon in charge he is looking to turn the rest of the Wildings into soldiers that work with the Knight’s Watch that fight a common enemy – the White Walkers. They say yes, but demand that Jon come with them to get the rest of the Wildlings to bring them back to the wall and tell them himself of the offer of land and protection in exchange for their service. The men of the Knight’s Watch are less then thrilled with this idea, but Stannis approves and lends him ships to bring them back right before he heads North to battle the Boltons.

Sansa: Now that she’s back in the North, everyone knows and she is reminded that if she is ever in trouble that there are friends that will come to her aid – and she may need it since Miranda is extremely jealous that Ramsay is marrying Sansa. Miranda shows Sansa what’s left of Theon sleeping in the dog kennels and she now knows that she’s in deeper trouble then she thought. Theon tells Ramsay that Sansa saw him in the kennels and he uses it as an opportunity to show Sansa that he is on her side, saying that he punished him for what he did to her family and makes him apologize to Sansa (and makes Theon the man who will give Sansa away). Things are not all rainbows and sunshine for Ramsay when his father announces his wife is pregnant and that it’s going to be a boy – and he learns the miserable story of how he was conceived and is assured that the baby boy won’t take away his position.

There was barely anything this week on Tyrion (except him seeing Daenerys dragon, and facing an attack from men with grey scale with Jorah contracting it) and nothing from King’s Landing. Very slow episode, although we did enjoy seeing Sansa come face to face with what Ramsay really is, but dealing with this information better then she did with Joffery. We mentioned at the beginning of this article that this show really needs to pick up the pace or at least give us some more interesting content and we were disappointed to get more of the same tonight. Episode grade: C+

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