‘Survivor: Second Chance’: Why Carolyn Rivera is worthy of your vote

Survivor -We know already that there is some confusion surrounding Carolyn Rivera as a “Survivor: Second Chance” contender. We get it. She’s still in the game! However, we can try to sum a little of that up for you by describing what is happening. Her inclusion here does not guarantee that she loses the season; if she wins, her votes will simply be ineligible. You still should vote for her if you want, and if she is unable to appear, it’s because she’s got a million bucks and that is a pretty good reason to be happy not to be going back.

Away from all of that, there are some interesting strategic and personality reasons to vote for Carolyn, even if there are a number of other really strong, interesting female characters on the list for this season.

Past experience – “Survivor: Worlds Apart” (TBD)

Why you should vote for her – If you want big personalities, she is definitely that. Carolyn has been strong from day one, and she has shown one of the better ways to handle an immunity idol: Keep it a secret from almost everyone, and then get rid of anyone you tell (i.e. Tyler) before they spill the beans. If you want a cross-section of strategy and entertainment, Carolyn is probably on there.

Why you wouldn’t vote for her – The biggest reason that we can think of this: Mike Holloway, Joe Anglim, and Shirin Oskooi are locks to return, and given that Max Dawson is also a candidate, maybe you want less than 20-25% of the cast to be from this season. Or, maybe you think that she wins and you don’t bother.

Our prediction – Carolyn is a toss-up for us. We do personally want to see her return at some point, but our debate here is whether or not now is the right time. We’d like to save a couple of “Worlds Apart” players for down the road since so many are going to be guaranteed on this coming season, and she is one of them.

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