‘Beyond the Tank’ preview: Red Dress Boutique, Plated, and Ry’s Ruffery

First things first, let’s give you a “Beyond the Tank” programming update. With the sort of confusion that can only happen in the world of TV, episode 103 of the show is actually airing tonight. Now, episode 102 is actually going to be airing next week. We’ve already previewing 102 in a separate article, so maybe hold onto that for later?

What we have for you now are some quick previews for the three business that will be featuring now on tonight’s episode, and a preview video below featuring one of them in particular.

Red Dress Boutique – The video below is revolving around this product and their website. This was one of the most-popular “Shark Tank” businesses in terms of our own site traffic this site, and we get why they want to update with the times. You just have to be careful with site design, since we know from experience now it is always about five times more complicated than you think that it is going to be going in.

Plated – Funny story; while we barely remember the product from the show from season 3, we have come closer to ordering it than almost any other product featured on the show. It’s just such a smart idea to have meals deliver that you can cook, so it gives you and a loved one a fun activity without the recipe-hunting and going to the store. There’s huge competition now in Blue April, but we still like it.

Ry’s Ruffery – This was at one time known as Ryan’s Barkery, but it has since undergone a name change. The struggle for this business in the episode seems to strictly be about balance and stress, given that you have a young entrepreneur still in school and a mother dealing with health problems.

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