‘Mad Men’ season 7, episode 13 preview: ‘The Milk and Honey Route’ sets up series finale

Can you believe that “Mad Men” is almost at an end? It may be crazy, but we are about to see the series wind down beginning with next week’s installment, which carries with it the title of “The Milk and Honey Route.”

Before we do anything else, let us start things off here by analyzing that title. The Milk and Honey Route is a piece of literature popularized during the early 1930s by Nels Anderson. This tells you quite a bit about the ways of hobo life, and given the era here that we are talking about here, maybe this is referencing back to Don Draper’s childhood or some other important period in the young lives of other characters.

Unfortunately, the synopsis below is not going to be giving you much more information beyond what we have already given you, save that we may have an opportunity to see Betty at least one more time:

“Don has trouble sleeping; Pete is blindsided by a friend; Henry arranges a family reunion.”

This episode, just so that you know in advance, is also going to run a full 11 minutes longer than the hour-long runtime. You really should not be that shocked by this; given how little time we have until the end of the series, the network may be a little more liberal when it comes to handing out extra time than they would otherwise be.

Is there anything that you are hoping to see on the penultimate “Mad Men” episode? Share now with a comment.

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