‘True Detective’ season 2 spoilers: A different sort of experience

HBO logoThrough the first season of “True Detective,” showrunner Nic Pizzolatto tried to tell a story that was at times both emotional and also very abstract. There were times when certain parts of the story were not admittedly the easiest to wrap your head around, especially when talking about the Friedrich Nietzsche references to even the inclusion of the Yellow King, a complicated figure of evil that proved to be almost flat like a flat circle at the end. While we very much enjoyed season 1, there were also times in which we felt like it suffered under the weight of its own literature.

For the upcoming second season, Pizzolatto may be taking a different approach in telling a more contained story, one that chooses to rely potentially more on its own mythology than diverting you in other directions. Maybe this will result in fewer thinkpieces (or at least ones that try to compare the show to other forms of entertainment), but it could be equal if not more enjoyable than season 1.

The reason we know about this approach is thanks to some commentary from Pizzolatto to the Wall Street Journal, where he discussed the idea that his character Ami Bezzerides in the upcoming season is meant to reference author A.I. Bezzerides (“The Long Haul”). He refuted the idea, making it clear that he took the last name from California (where the show is set), and that is really the only connection:

“There is no A.I. Bezzerides influence or homage whatsoever. I have seen the Jules Dassin film ‘Thieves’ Highway’ but that is my sole exposure to his work. I saw the name in a California directory and liked it. That’s it … This show is certainly not putting his work in the spotlight, as his work has nothing to do with mine. There are no references or homages at all in True Detective Season 2.”

“True Detective” will premiere on HBO next month, and our largest hope at the moment is that there is a new teaser trailer released soon. Why not take advantage of “Game of Thrones” and its millions of viewers for support?

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