‘Blue Bloods’ season 5 finale review: Did Danny, Frank Reagan stop Mario Hunt?

Tonight, the end was here for “Blue Bloods” season 5, and the question from the start of the episode was this: How far would Danny go to get revenge after the shooting? While Linda ended up making it through the episode all right, the idea of her even being put in harm’s way was enough for him to be outraged.

This story was one mostly about how to properly channel that outrage into securing justice, and not just furthering along a stereotype of violent cops who are out to do vindictive things. For the most part, we would consider tonight’s episode a win for the character and also a win for standing up for what is right to go along with it.

Danny ultimately did not kill Mario Hunt; he actually saved his life, and then did his part in order to ensure that he would stay behind bars. He did police-work in the best way that he knew how, and that included working with other gang members to set him up for the arrest. Justice for Donald Kent was served, at least in a way that can offer some sort of resolution. Also, a nice family dinner in the end. We’ve come full-circle.

Ultimately, we are not going to say that this was an episode of “Blue Bloods” that we found to be particularly shocking at all. Was it entertaining? Sure, and it probably will serve as a good series finale if this does end up being the end of the show. (We doubt that it will be.) The ultimate takeaway from this for the time being is simply that Danny is learning as a cop to avoid the darker sides of his personality, and to continue to serve the badge with its original intention in mind. Grade: B+.

What was your take on the “Blue Bloods” season finale, and do you think that the story ended in a way that satisfied you? Let us know now with a comment.

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