‘Criminal Minds’ season 10, episode 23 (finale) review: Did Kate save Meg from her stalker?

We are facing the finale of “Criminal Minds” season 10 tonight and we hope that you are a big fan of the new Kate character, because they are going to finally be revisiting one of her storylines before the season is out. Meg has had a stalker for a little while now and things are finally going to come to a head with that. Meg is going to find herself in serious trouble, while Kate is going to be doing everything in her power to make sure she’s safe.

When we last saw Meg and her friend they were picked up by a woman in a van pretending to be Bobby’s mom and tonight we see just how much trouble they are really in when a man in the back seat drugs them. Before she is able to send out a text out for help to Kate, Meg is only able to get part of a text to her, but it’s enough to alert Kate that something is wrong and they start the search.

Even though Kate is far along in her pregnancy, she is still pushing hard in the case and she starts to feel faint. Afterwards she’s put on bed rest and they set up video conferencing. After seeing a photo of “Bobby” Kate says she know who took the girls, that the picture is one that was used in a case that Kate was on. She thinks the abductors know that Meg is Kate’s niece and she was taken because Kate was getting too close.

Meg creates a distraction when they are outside and it gives a chance for her friend to escape and finds a neighbor that helped her get to a hospital and reunited with her mom. Does she have enough information to help find Meg? It’s not looking good, but Kate learns that Meg is following her training to try and stay alive. When Meg gets sold to a serial killer through a website the team is able to find the man that sold her, but not the man that bought her.  The man that sold her makes it clear that taking Meg was the closest thing he could get to kidnapping and selling Kate herself.  After getting his female partner to crack, they are able to find her and save her as well as countless other girls. After the case is over, Kate tells Hotch that she is leaving the team.

We know that not everyone has been the biggest Kate fan since she came on the show this season, but we are not one of those people – we really like her and what she brings to the team. With this being her first season on the show we were happy to see that the finale was a story that involved her and her family, so we were able to get a deeper look into that dynamic and see just how close they really are. The major surprise is that Jennifer Love Hewitt is leaving the show after only one season – we thought her “leaving the team” just meant that she would be on maternity leave for a while and then would return, but it looks like she’s gone (you can read more on that over at the link here). Also we had another surprise when it’s revealed that Jennifer is pregnant too! Episode grade: A-

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