‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ episode 11 review: Mike Holloway’s awesome tribal council move

Mike -Survivor: Worlds Apart” had an episode tonight that certainly did not back away from some recent controversy in the lightest. Right when you thought that Dan was sympathetic during his conversation with Shirin in the opening, he then turned around and was a complete jerk in the confessionals. The bad behavior continued: Will refused to apologize, Dan was completely condescending, and nobody seemed to take Shirin or her plight seriously.

Tonight is in a way depressing, since we lost someone who was both extremely likable and a big fan of the show. We’re going to miss her, since she was the ultimate underdog. We’ll look forward to speaking with her tomorrow, but we wish it wasn’t for a few more weeks.

At least Shirin got a chance to go out in a heck of an exciting tribal council, one where Mike proved yet again to be awesome entertainment by playing “Survivor Russian Roulette,” throwing his immunity idol out there and saying that while Shirin is going to vote for Tyler, he is voting for someone else. Therefore, it could force them to scramble in the event that he actually played the idol. This was a great move in that it showed to everyone some cracks within the power alliance, and he does keep the idol in order to ensure that he stays put another week.

Granted, Mike has a LONG road ahead still, but the events tonight, especially Dan realizing that he may be near the bottom of the totem pole, could be enough to shake things up, and for him to finally make a move to join someone who he has thought of as an outsider for weeks. There is definitely still time for anything to happen in this game. Episode Grade: B+.

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