‘The Flash’ episode 20 review: ‘The Trap’ gets turned around; Iris’ revelation

Reverse Flash -Tonight, “The Flash” aired “The Trap,” and this is definitely an episode designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. It was entitled “The Trap,” and the focus was singular: Trying to learn if Barry Allen and his STAR Labs cohorts could set up Harrison Wells to the point where he admitted to killing Nora Allen, and he could then be placed behind bars.

We’ll start here by giving Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Joe some credit: This was a smart plan. They used Cisco’s dream to figure out the truth about Harrison being Eobard Thawne, and then had to figure out how to set this up. Replaying the Cisco / Harrison scene was epic in that it was not identical to the previous one, but still epic and thrilling to watch. He used Hannibal Bates to set up the entire team before getting away, reminding us yet again of just how clever he is. He had followed along their trap the entire time, ensuring that he would stay a step ahead and eventually trap them.

When it comes to side stories, Barry learning via byline that Iris will eventually come to marry him was huge, mostly because it set the stage for almost everything to follow. This includes his feelings on Eddie preparing to propose, and Joe not giving him his blessing in hopes of sparing him some pain in the long run.

The final few minutes were as good as any that we’ve seen on the show. Right when Eddie was about to propose, the Reverse Flash spoiled it and kidnapped Eddie. Then, The Flash saved Iris, and she figured out that it actually was Barry in the suit all along. Meanwhile, Eobard used his last name in order to get a little closer with Eddie / potentially mess with his mind. Is this the beginning of something worse for Eddie? We have to consider it, since his story is clearly not moving towards a happy ending.

Then, the biggest shocker of the night: Through his warning to her, Iris finally managed to figure out the truth about Barry’s alter ego. So even though he now has his life completely unraveling, “The Trap” creates a whole new environment for the final three episodes. As Harrison would say, “well done.” Grade: A-.

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