‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ season 1, episode 6 review: Matt and Fisk have a heart to heart

The last episode of “Marvel’s Daredevil” left our hero Matt in a pretty bad situation as he is all dressed up as Daredevil and is surrounded by cops. Is he going to be able to get out of this without being arrested? It’s not looking good, but he is Daredevil after all and we suspect he’s going to make it out of this one not in handcuffs – that being said though this will confirm to cops that he’s out there and will have more heat on his tail going forward.

As it turns out, the cops trying to arrest Matt work for Fisk and are there to actually kill him and Vladimir, so he fights his way out of the situation and the two of them take off together. Matt tells him that he didn’t kill his brother, that it was Fisk and that he’s been playing Vladimir. Matt tries to get Vladimir to help him get Fisk, but he’s not willing to help. With Claire’s help, Matt is able to  patch him up, but when a rookie cop comes in and calls for back up, the building is surrounded and that includes cops that work for Fisk. Now trapped in the building Matt does everything he can to keep Vladimir alive and pump him for information, but he’s just not budging, so instead Matt looks for a way to get them out of the building.

Things start to get really interesting for Matt when Fisk gets on the walkie Matt got from the rookie and he has his first chat with the man he’s been hunting. Fisk tells Matt that he’s just like him and that he’s also trying to save the city, but Matt responds by telling him that he’s coming after him to stop him. Fisk reveals that Matt is going to take the blame for the city being bombed – add to that the fact that he has a cop as a hostage and is in a building with one of the heads of the Russian mob and things aren’t looking that good for Matt.

Fisk tells him that they will forget everything if he kills Vladimir, but when Matt says no, Wesley orders their sniper to start taking out cops (making it look like Matt). To make matters worse for Matt, Fisk leaks video of Daredevil assaulting the cops and running off with Vladimir hours before. Just when it looks like there’s no hope, Vladimir helps Matt and they both make their escape, but Vladimir only goes so far before he decides to stay back and take out as many of Fisk’s cops as he can giving Matt a chance to escape. Before leaving, Valdimir gives up the name of Leland, the person that controls Fisk’s money and then as Matt leaves, Vladimir goes out in a blaze of glory!

With all of the explosions on the Russian territory there are a lot of injuries, including Foggy. Karen takes him to the hospital to get help and they briefly meet Claire who, against Matt’s wishes, has gone back into work to help. There wasn’t much Foggy/Karen movement this episode, but it was nice to have a mostly Matt episode since we haven’t had a lot of that. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of this episode of “Marvel’s Daredevil” and did you like Matt and Fisk’s first conversation? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you want to see happen going forward.

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