‘Community’ season 6, episode 8 review: Jeff Winger’s revelation; a commentary on goodbyes

There were a few weeks into “Community” season 6 where we were starting to finally wonder whether or not the shine was starting to come off of this glorious comedy. Then, last week arrived and gave us a good bit to smile about, at least as much as a lengthy advertisement for Honda can.

Now that we’ve said this, let’s go ahead and admit now that Tuesday’s episode on Yahoo Screen was a thing of beauty. “Intro to Recycled Cinema” was in some ways a callback to some of Abed’s previous student-film episodes, but it was something greater than that. It was also a self-referential commentary on the present state of the show, and Jeff Winger realizing that he was going to be the last person from the former study group still standing. In a way, he may be right. Donald Glover and Chevy Chase are gone already, Danny Pudi and Ken Jeong (who still insists he will never leave the show) have other pilots, Jim Rash has a wide array of opportunities, and Alison Brie / Gillian Jacobs are in demand for movies.

This was a sad realization for Jeff, but also maybe a reminder to enjoy the moments while they are there. This all came together in a ridiculous manner, as the show tried to capitalize on Chang’s catapulting fame (possible commentary again on the cast) by using old footage of him and creating a new, science fiction project around it. There were many wonderful moments in here, from countless Chris Pratt comments to Annie’s outfit angering Britta to Annie getting close to Jeff to the random “Big Bang Theory” reference from Abed while he and Jeff found surrounded by Frisbees. This is an episode that did not forget the premiere, or anything else that happened since.

This was by far the best Abed episode of the season, and it was a nice reminder that we are also still seeing this crazy world through Jeff’s lens. It was a very season 2 episode, which is when we feel like the show had found itself and was producing some of the best content on TV. From start to finish, there is so much to like here, and even if you’re a few episodes behind this one is still worth watching. Grade: A.

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