ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 21 review: Was Emily arrested for Victoria’s murder?

Emily -When you play the game of “Revenge,” you have to prepare to be burned. For years, Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke has performed takedowns with the agenda of clearing her father’s name at the top of the priority list. We know now that there was something more behind it, and that was a desire for power, and an addicted to keep righting what she believed to be wrongs.

Tonight, some of that came back to bite her. Her actions against Victoria Grayson caused her to want to take her own life, but she also planned in the process to ensure that Emily would be framed for it. It was a complicated plan, but also seemingly a perfect one given that Mason was involved as the perfect pawn to lure her into a sense of false security while he planted evidence against her.

The fact that Ben is the one to cuff Emily at the end for the crime must make it even more painful, given that they were dating mere episodes ago, and Emily left him to be with Jack, who did not even know she felt that way until Ben clued him in on what was going on. Right when these two are starting to have the opportunity to be together, there is somehow still something coming in here to tear them apart. It’s a shame how this continues to happen time and time again for couples on TV!

Also, Emily learned through the episode about her father’s diagnosis, but given that there are only two episodes left, we don’t quite know how the show can really resolve that. The same goes for really paying off what Margaux and Louise are up to. Is there really time still to do something more with them, given that Emily is now already paying for a crime?

Ultimately, we did find this episode to be very entertaining. It may not have been perfect from start to finish (too much stalling before the shocker at the end), but it definitely gave us an interesting story for the final two episodes. Grade: B.

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