‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4, episode 19 review: Lily arrives; a Robin Hood – Marian – Regina shocker

Lily -Over the past few weeks, “Once Upon a Time” has led into the arrival of Lily, and on Sunday night, we finally had a chance to meet her. Let’s just say that she is hardly the rebellious young woman from Emma Swan’s past that she used to be.

Rather, this adult Lily is now equipped with the knowledge of everything that happened in the past, and that is a dangerous thing for Emma and company. She wants revenge! She wants to ruin the lives of everyone who put her in this position, and that includes Snow White and Prince Charming. By the end of the episode Emma at least thankfully decided not to kill her, and maybe these two are closer to getting on the same page … and an emphasis on the word “maybe.”

At least the Lily story opens up some interesting possibilities, including that Maleficent may be able to have a happy ending. That is more than we can say at the moment for Rumpelstiltskin, who seems very much doomed and even aware of it, given that he allowed Will Scarlett to have her heart, feeling as though he was not exactly worthy of it.

Now, we turn to another character who seems to be routinely deprived of a happy ending all her own: Regina, who learned the terrible truth tonight that Marian was pregnant … even though Marian was really Zelena, and he figured that out. Apparently, pregnancy is still pregnancy no matter who is carrying the child. Who knew? It was another devastating blow for her, and it leaves us in a strange place. How much are you going to torment this poor woman? We understand that she was once evil, but isn’t it time for a win? Episode Grade: B-.

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