‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 21 review: A shooting tears the Reagans apart

Family dinner on “Blue Bloods” is typically the one thing that you can look forward to every Friday night and we love it because it shows us that no matter how difficult their jobs or lives are they still have a some what stable life once their day ends. However, even that was in a state of great flux and conflict over the major case this week. A police chief and friend of Frank’s in Donald Kent was shot and killed on the street alongside his wife, and everyone had to try to help lend their support.

For Danny, this became an incredibly frustrating case from the get-go, as he wanted to target gang member Mario Hunt (Method Mad). Unfortunately, organizational control became a key issue. Erin was watching over the case like a hawk, which meant that there could be no tricks or shoddy police work. Everything had to be by the book.

So while Danny and Erin struggled to get on the same page (as they often do), Frank instead pondered a question of his own: What does everything mean? Is there even a point to keep fighting what seems to be a losing battle? Even if Mario was brought in and arrested, someone else would take his place. Frank is easily one of our favorite characters on this show, because no matter how tough the decisions are that he makes, there are always so many layers of thought that goes into it. He never makes a choice without there being contemplation as well as advice from the people he trusts.

We imagine that Frank’s frustration may be even worse when he hears about what happened at the tail end of the episode. Right when it seemed like there was a breakthrough in the case courtesy of a witness, Linda and this said witness fell victim to a shooting at the hospital. We heard gunfire, but we did not see any bodies fall. If you thought Danny was motivated by anger and resolve before, you haven’t seen anything yet. His wife being in danger is definitely going to raise the stakes!

For the most part, this was an excellent beginning of the end of this season. It set up a strong narrative, and did so while emphasizing some familiar themes of the season. Grade: B+.

What was your take on Friday night’s “Blue Bloods”? Do you think Linda is going to die? What will happen to Danny if she does? Share with a comment!

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