‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 20 review: Reddington tells Liz the truth about her mother

The Blacklist logo any seasonOn the last episode of “The Blacklist” we saw Liz turning to Tom for help and as much as we like the Liz/Tom dynamic we find ourselves screaming at our TV’s in frustration. Can Liz really be this stupid to trust a man that lied to her, married her as part of a job and spied on her for Reddington wasting years of her life? Tom may have done some good things like help her get out of trouble over the harbor master killing, but it’s a little far fetched that she would trust him when it comes to… well anything!

Liz is pushing to find out who the woman in the photo is since she’s convinced that it’s her mother, but Tom wants to buy a boat and sail away with her. Tom notices a ring on the woman’s finger that has a Russian inspection stamp and Liz asks him to dig deeper. After learning that Reddington is threatening anyone that could help her and Tom, she threatens Reddington by saying she will expose his secrets if he doesn’t talk to her about the photograph and he agrees.

Reddington tells Liz that she was born in Moscow and that her mother and father were both foreign agents (her mother was part of the KGB). She wants to know more about the night of the fire and he tells her that he blocked her memory and won’t tell her anything. She accuses him of killing her father, because he was in love with her mother, but he refuses to tell her anything more. She is so broken that she falls into Tom’s arms and he hugs away her misery.

With Tom being sworn in as Attorney General, he wants more favors. Now that it’s known that Reddington is in town, it’s making him look bad, he’s asked Cooper to leak fake documents to the press saying that he’s working with Cooper to find him. When Cooper tells his wife what is happening and that these favors are linked to his position in the clinic, she tells him to do the favor, but he’s not feeling good about it. Cooper tells Tom that he’s not going to leak the information, and Tom reveals that Kabal is actually the power behind him pulling the strings. Tom also tells him that his wife already leaked the information and that they have so much on him (and her) now that he can’t turn away from it.

Since Samar was brought into the task force by Reddington, she really hasn’t done much with him and we were wondering if that was ever going to come up. Tonight it did as we watched him call her in to torture Kenneth for information about the director. When Reddington leaves her alone with Kenneth to begin the torture, she helps him escape and reveals she is working with the director. While they are on the road Samar gets the information out of him and then brings him back to Reddington.

We were happy to finally get some information about Liz’s parents and the assumption about Reddington being her father is starting to look like it’s not the case (which is what we’ve been hoping for since it’s too obvious). Of course the show still may go in that direction but we are hoping for something else. Episode grade: B-

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