‘Big Brother Canada 3’ review: Was Jordan Parhar or Godfrey Mangwiza evicted in surprise vote?

Zach -Tonight’s “Big Brother Canada” episode was definitely all sorts of crazy, insane, and a variety of other words that we have a hard time cramming into this article. There was a whole lot going on in a short amount of time, and we really don’t want to waste a whole lot of time talking about the showmance segment, Sarah’s talk of 4-20, and also Sindy and Bobby getting an offer to leave the game in return for a hefty sum of money.

We will at least say this: It was an interesting twist to offer Bobby or Sindy $10,000 in return for them leaving the game. They would also take ten grand out of the winner’s cash prize. Neither one of them did, and then the week continued as usual with the plan to either vote out Jordan in an epic blindside, or go the more predictable route and evict Godfrey. Either way, this set the stage for one of the crazier roads to an eviction in show history.

In the end, the votes were cast, and the person who was sent home was … Jordan! This was a crazy move, but one that we loved from a TV perspective. Jordan summed it up right: He got way too comfortable, but we love how game he was to be voted out. He took it like a complete champ, and we do love him very much more that. Zach did not look happy to be sitting out of the next Head of Household Competition, though. He quickly realized he made a huge mistake and knows he’s up the creek.

As excellent as all of this was (and it was really crazy, especially Godfrey’s reaction to pulling off the big move), seeing Jordan leave was bittersweet. We really liked him, but he at least gets to be on the jury. The less we talk about the silly Head of Household cliffhanger, the better. Grade: A-.

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