‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ episode 10 review: A twist, letters from home, and Will vs. Shirin

Will -How fantastic was Wednesday night’s “Survivor: Worlds Apart” episode? Ultimately, this one may be particularly more excellent than we can ever describe within the confines of a single episode review. There was almost everything that you could want in here, whether you are talking about a crazy twist, drama, and voting debates that went on until the very end.

Let’s start here with all of the letter drama: Mike seemed to potentially bury his own game by almost going against the plan for everyone to put in money in return for letters from home, mostly because he heard Rodney strategizing with his new alliance of four. At that moment, it looked like he lost both Dan and Sierra, and found himself on the outside with Jenn and Shirin, who was mercilessly attacked by Will after she questioned whether or not he kept food from her.

We gotta say, this was ugly, and it was ugly and very bad on Will at tribal council. What he did was really completely oblivious and ignorant. We don’t think he was attacking her at first with the awareness of what she’s been through, but at the same time for him to say that he was not making personal attacks or being verbally abusive is utterly insane. There’s no way he is getting away with this looking like the good guy.

Mike won immunity, and he was able to at least save his own hide in the midst of all his craziness. Then, he had to go on an epic (and somewhat impressive) tear begging Dan to come along with him, saying that he’s been with him since the very beginning. He knew that the other side was going to split their votes between Shirin and Jenn, who suddenly seemed like she wanted to be there.

We honestly thought going into tribal that we were going to have an epic swing to get rid of Carolyn, which would have been an epic blindside. Instead, we had Jenn getting voted out, and obviously it was made clear in the process that Dan wasn’t going to vote with them. That’s a bit of a bummer end to a crazy episode, but we don’t want to discount too much of what happened when it was so strong for the most part. Grade: A-.

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