‘American Horror Story: Coven” episode 12 review: Fiona faces her fate, Cordelia gains her sight

There is only one more episode of “American Horror Story: Coven” before the big finale next week and with so many stories still dangling in the wind, we wonder how Ryan Murphy plans to have them all tied up in such a short amount of time.

Fiona and Cordelia: With the cancer taking over, Fiona knows her time is running out, so she tries to make amends with Cordelia giving her a family heirloom. Cordelia ends up being able to get back her powers of “Sight” and see a future where Fiona kills everyone in the coven to maintain her position as the supreme. Cordelia uses the Axeman’s love for her mother against him, saying that Fiona doesn’t love him and is planning on leaving him. He is easily faked into believing it and kills Fiona, but it comes with a price by the coven.

Queenie: She has the power to go to hell and back and speaks to Papa Legba about taking away Delphine and Marie’s immortality. She heads over to Delphine’s house where she is now a tour guide giving a very skewed version of the events that took place there. When Delphine refuses Queenie’s help, she kills Delphine, leaving her to live in hell with Papa Legba and Marie. Delphine is put in a cage next to her daughter and is forced to watch Marie torture Boruita for all eternity.

We also had the return of Zoe and Kyle to the coven because she is now convinced that she is the next supreme and we saw Queenie help bring Misty Day back to life. No one seems to stay dead on this show for long and that has been one of our biggest problems with this season. If death doesn’t mean anything, then there’s no real skin in the game. Episode grade: C

What did you think of this week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Coven”? Leave us a comment below and tell us how you think this is all going to end.

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