‘American Horror Story: Coven’ episode 11 review: Delphine’s past, Fiona’s rage

Want to more about Delphine LaLaurie on “American Horror Story: Coven”? Well tonight we are going to have a chance to take a deeper look into what make her tick and why she is such a terrible human being. Many don’t know that this “character” is based on a real life person that is said to have committed similar atrocities in her life.

Delphine: We learn that she was youth obsessed back in 1830, and feels that the key to ever lasting youth is through blood. She begins torturing slaves that the has locked up in her attic and using their blood to bathe in.  Back in current times we see Delphine try to kill Marie, but she won’t be put down that easily.

Nan: We are still bummed that we lost Nan (Jamie Brewer is a favorite here at the site), but it looks like Zoe has discovered that Fiona and Marie both had a hand in killing her and that the bathtub “accident wasn’t an accident at all. With there being so much going on at the coven, with the hunters and Madison’s jealousy over Kyle, Zoe decides to hop a bus with him to Orlando.

Cordelia: With Queenie’s return, Cordelia learns that Hank is actually a witch hunter that shot a silver bullet into Queenie, but she is too focused on finding a spell that will restore “The Sight” to worry about Hank at this point.

The hunters: They arrive at the mansion to make a deal with Fiona and Marie saying that they will continue their truce in exchange for the end to the war, but Fiona has other plans and has the Axeman kill the hunters for her… all except Harrison who she kills herself.

There is so much going on in this season that we dreaming of the days that Ryan Murphy gave us an “American Horror Story” season like “Murder House”. Small cast, tight story and twists that surprised and delighted us. Episode grade: C

What did you think of this week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Coven”? Leave us a comment below and tell us how you think this is all going to end.

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