ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 20 review: Victoria Grayson’s fiery surprise

Victoria -Is the biggest adversary on “Revenge” really gone? There is definitely a reason to worry based on the end of Sunday night’s new episode. At the tail end of the hour, we saw Victoria Grayson all dressed up, and ready to go nowhere other than up and flames. It looked like she was ready and willing to sacrifice her own life, at least so long as it meant that she could destroy Emily’s in the process.

Granted, you still should be wondering whether or not everything truly happened exactly as it appeared. There have been so many fakeouts on this series already that we have a hard time thinking that we would really lose Victoria just a few episodes before the big finale. The only evidence against that is the notion that she dressed herself up. If she was just intending to try and fake her own death, what would the point of that be?

After a shocker like this, it makes it hard to focus on anything else that happened in the episode, but we have to take a moment to talk about some other events that were surprising in their own way. After all, this includes everything from Jack Porter deciding that he wants to take off to California to Louise and Margaux letting their personal differences go for the sake of making a common goal: Their own revenge.

In the end, we can at least celebrate this being a particular strong episode of “Revenge.” We had everything from the return of Mason to an ending that you certainly could not see coming. How in the world do you top this? We’re not entirely sure you can. Grade: B+.

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