‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ episode 7 review: The Angel of Death cometh

This is an exiting episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum” coming up tonight and it’s for one special reason: It revolves all around Frances Conroy. She will be appearing tonight as the angel of death as many of the residents of Briarcliff wish for her to take them away from their living hell.

After a botched hysterectomy, Grace sees the angel of death come to take her away, but she is brought back to life by one of the nuns and her own personal hell isn’t over yet… and neither is the work of the angel of death.

While the angel of death is taking another patients life, she runs into sister Eunice and somewhere deep within Eunice she finds herself to beg the angel of death to help her. Unfortunately the demon within her gains control again quickly and the angel says that she cannot help Eunice.

Kit learns that Dr. Thredson’s taped confession will surely send Kit to the chair for execution, but he insists that Grace’s testimony saying that Alma is still alive can save him. His lawyer doesn’t think anyone will believe her (and that her injuries are so bad that she will likely die before the trial), so Kit attacks him and escapes the asylum to find Grace.

Speaking of Thredson, he is slowly killing Lana in his torture room and she has a visit from the angel of death, but she refuses to die. Instead she finds an opportunity to attack Thredson and escape his home, only to be picked up by a man on the road who ends up dead and she is sent back to Briarcliff. Lana tries to tell Eunice what she’s learned about Thredson being bloody face, but of course she doesn’t help Lana.

We saw the angel of death have a conversation with Jude, but she is not ready to leave yet and last but not least Grace has another opportunity to talk with the angel of death after being shot at the asylum… this time though she takes the angel’s kiss and dies.

This was a very dark episode revolving all around the hopelessness of these characters and how many of them see death as the only option. It was a tough one to watch, but very powerful. Episode grade: B

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