‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ episode 2 review: Sister Eunice faces a demon

Lily Rabe -

We are only one episode deep into “American Horror story: Asylum” and we are already hooked on this season. Murder House worked so well because it was contained within one place and we are already getting the same feeling about the asylum. It is filled with all kinds of craziness and kooky characters… and we just have to say that we completely love sister Eunice.

This week at Briarcliff we had a chance to meet Dr. Thredson, who seems like the only normal person out of the bunch (except for maybe sister Eunice, she’s fairly normal so far). He has come to work as Kit’s court appointed therapist to figure out if Kit is fit to stand trial in the “Bloody Face” murder trial or if he is clinically insane. Dr. Thredson seems like Kit’s only real chance to get out of this alive.

We also had an exorcist go down at the asylum when a teenaged boy starts acting so strange that even the doctors at the asylum can’t figure out how to help him – they are convinced that he is possessed by a demon. After the exorcism works and the demon leaves the boys body, he dies, but the demon finds another host to live inside… and that person is sister Eunice.

While the staff is distracted with the exorcism, Grace and Lana decide that this is a perfect time to try and escape the asylum, but when Grace refuses to leave without Kit, Lana pulls the plug on the whole operation in fear that he is the real Bloody face and will be back out in the world to kill again.

As we mentioned in the beginning of this review, we really love the sister Eunice character and the fact that she’s gone from good girl to the baddest girl ever in just two episodes makes for an even more layered character. There are so many characters in here to root for this season whether it’s Kit, Lana or Eunice, that we know we are in for a treat. Episode grade: A-

Were you surprised to see sweet sister Eunice become possessed so early in the season? Do you think that the demon within her will cause great strife at the asylum? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of “American Horror Story: Asylum” so far. If you want even more great TV scoop on everything we cover here at CarterMatt then be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter. (Photo: FX)

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