‘Ink Master’ season 2, episode 2 review: Who went home with an injury?

Now that we are past the premiere of this season of “Ink Master” we can get past the “getting to know you” stage with the contestants and really dive into the competition. It’s time to really see who’s here to play and who has what it takes to win it all.

So this week the flash challenge is testing the contestants on ingenuity as they attempt to camouflage women in various states of disrobe (because this isn’t Ink Master if we don’t have at least one episode with naked people on it) to blend into the side of a building using paint. This was a pretty cool challenge, but there were a few people that really struggled with this concept. The winner was Kay Kutta, and with his ego already being what it is, this win was probably only going to make it even bigger then it already was and would just be another way for him to get inside other artists heads as he’s fond of doing.

The elimination challenge was covering up tattoos that the canvases no longer wanted and they would again be tested on their ingenuity in doing so. Cover-ups are not the easiest tattoo to do, but they are something that happens often enough in an artists career that they should know how to do it if they want to be a master at it. The winner this week was Jesse and although Lalo and Tray both had quite a few mistakes in their cover-ups, the judges sent Mike home over his use of minimal colors and felt that he took the easy way out. We also lost TJ from the competition because of an injury, which was sad to see.

It’s always disappointing to see a contestant have to leave the show with an injury, because you know they want to be there and if they could push through it then they would. It’s got to be frustrating for them, knowing that it they didn’t have the injury that they may have gone on to win the whole thing. Maybe in the future we will see a “second chances” season where they bring back people who deserve a second chance to show their stuff and we would love to see TJ come back for that. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Ink Master”? Did you think Mike was the right person to go home? Were you surprised that TJ quit? Leave us a comment and tell us your opinion.

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