‘Criminal Minds’ season 10, episode 21 review: Matthew Gray Gubler, Mr Scratch and shadows

Criminal Minds -Remember your creepiest childhood memory? Monsters in the closet. noises that go bump in the night, and shadows with claws for hands are the theme for tonight’s “Criminal Minds” episode. What happens when the boogeyman is you?

A man named Mr. Scratch has figured out how to give innocent people a psychotic break and make them think that a shadowy figure with claws is attacking them and murdering their loved ones when in fact it was actually themselves killing their own families.

The victims smelled sage before seeing a shadowy boogeyman attack their families, but really they were being drugged and it was causing them to act out. All of the killers have similar stories as to what they saw and what happened and after learning that all of them were adopted the team realizes that there is a connection between the unsubs.

Things get really frightening when Hotch finds himself facing the killer and is sprayed with a drug so that he can figure out what scares Hotch… and he learns that the idea of his team showing up and dying because of him is what terrifies him. When his team actually shows up, Mr. Scratch suggests to him that the people coming in the front door will be him and that he needs to shoot them, but Hotch was playing him the whole time and shoots at Mr. Scratch instead. He misses, but the team is able to apprehend Mr Scratch.

This was a great story and not one that we typically see on a crime show. “Criminal Minds” star Matthew Gray Gubler directed tonight’s episode and we have to say he did a great job raising the bar when it comes creeping us out. We are fairly sure we are going to have terrifying nightmares tonight thanks to this episode so well done Gubler! Episode grade: B+

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